How to choose the accounging company?


In a business maze it's good to have a trusted accountant. Just call: 606 438-459. ADVENA.PL stands for:

  1. Offer. We do all accounting routines you want - initial founding advisory, bookkeping of all legal entities, taxes, HRP, social security issues and much more. Have a look at our detailed offer.
  2. Experience. Twelve-year experience is a proof of quality.
  3. Free legal consulting. As an extra service we offer free oral tips of a cooperating legal advisor in terms of civil, companies, agreements, receivables and recovery law.
  4. Security. Civil liability of EUR 15k which seems to be an advantage in other offers, is mandatory in Poland. ADVENA.PL has an extra civil liability insurance policy up to PLN 1M and documents appendix up to PLN 100k.
  5. Flexibility. We don't focus on a particular branch but provide for different companies - developers, IT, media, trade companies... and much more.
  6. Good batteries in mobile phones. Our cell phones are strong enough to accept incoming calls both after 4 p.m. and at weekends when you urgently need a tax report or a broken laptop warranty card. It surely helps but please use it only in emergency cases :)
  7. Confidence. Thanks to a wide range of service we can recommend reliable partners in various fields - why take business decisions based on blind fate?

It's good to have a trusted accountant.

Just call us: 606 438-459.

How to choose the accounging company?

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